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Allied Services

Apart from the Document Management Solution, we offer allied services to effortlessly transform your physical files into their digitized, on-the-go versions. We help with digitization and indexing of your documents. Here's a brief look into these processes.


We offer digitization of documents as a service, which includes scanning of documents, document categorization, data entry services, indexing, de-duplication of documents and archival.

We collaborate with the industry’s best record management companies to help scan your physical documents and upload them onto ShareDocs Enterpriser for you.


Once we scan and index your documents, we carefully transport them over to our partner storehouses. We take careful measures to keep your documents safe and damage-proof.

These measures include meticulous handling of your documents and storage in specialized warehouses. Upon request, your confidential documents can be stored inside storage vaults with smart temperature control to stop the ageing of physical documents.

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