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ShareDocs Enterpriser is a smart document management solution to organize official documents and facilitate easy retrieval.










Important Features

Robust Search

Robust search helps users locate any indexed file on the basis of keywords, metadata fields and file content. ShareDocs Enterpriser is one of the India’s few Document Management Solutions that can search within document content

File Sharing

Document sharing has never been more fluid and dynamic. With DMS user-to-DMS DMS user & DMS user to Non DMS user document sharing as attachment or links expiry date. Your files have never been more convenient to access.

Document Storage

ShareDocs has a variety of features that makes file storage a breeze. Find ease and comfort in having a multitude of options that range from annotations to document version control.

Electronic Workflows

ShareDocs Enterpriser helps its users formulate their own workflows tailored to adapt to their organization’s own pace and process. Working with our productive workflow system makes everything easier.

Great Security

ShareDocs Enterpriser provides excellent security and protection. Guarding files from being accessed by unwanted users and enforcing proper control on documents. Every document which is uploaded into DMS gets encrypted and stored.

Reports & Integrations

ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with amazing visual tools that help integrate data into charts and graphs for better visual understanding, while also keeping its reporting features in-tact

Our Clients

Implementation Options


ShareDocs Enterpriser can be hosted on the cloud as a SaaS model. Cut down costs on infrastructure, maintenance, backups, upgrades and deployment. Get going immediately to experience the ease of document storage, access, sharing and security.


Take full control of your document management system. Install ShareDocs Enterpriser in your company premises. Run the application server, database server and the storage server with your IT infrastructure.


Make the best of both the worlds. Keep your documents on your cloud or our cloud server and run the application in-premises. Ensure the DMS is accessed within premises while the data is stored on cloud so that you save internal server space while keeping documents secure.

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