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Powerful DMS Solution

Boost Efficiency with Automated Workflows

Leading ECM Software with Workflow Automation: ShareDocs, a leading enterprise content management (ECM) software, offers a robust workflow automation tool. Automate existing business processes, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce interdepartmental delays. This translates to a significant boost in team productivity and overall efficiency.

Gain Valuable Process Intelligence: Our intuitive platform provides valuable data insights and comprehensive workflow automation capabilities to help you continuously improve your business processes and efficiency.

Effortless Document Retrieval with Cloud DMS

Find Information Quickly with Cloud Storage:Forget time-consuming document searches. ShareDocs Enterpriser’s premier cloud-based document management solution capabilities offer a variety of options, including a keyword search, create document categories, dynamic indexing of data inputs and an OCR backed full-text search. Save an average of 30 minutes per day searching for documents. Along with document and content archival, design existing process flows in the workflow automation tool to manage, seek approval, and collaborate of documents across organization efficiently.

Conversational Search with Natural Language: Our innovative chatbot allows you to have a conversation with a selected document using natural language processing, making it easier to find the information you need quickly.

ShareDocs Enterpriser is a powerful enterprise content management solution that is available on SaaS as well as privately hosted solution.

Enterprise Content Management Software
Powerful DMS Solution

Establish a Single Source of Truth with Centralized Repository

Centralized Control for Business Continuity:Ensure everyone has access to the most accurate and up-to-date information with ShareDocs' centralized digital repository for all your business-critical documents. This fosters compliance, safety, and business continuity planning (BCP). The cloud based document management solution offered by ShareDocs, ensured business as usual for over 7400 users from 180 client instances that were live during the covid-19 pandemic.

Collaboration and Version Control: Collaboration features, version control, and easy data distribution empower all stakeholders to access the information they need while maintaining a single source of truth on the enterprise content management solution.

Stay Compliant and Audit-Ready with Automated Workflows

Reduce Audit Costs with Streamlined Workflows: Streamline audit preparation by leveraging document management solutions’ functionalities like document organization, retention, retrieval, and purging. Gain valuable insights into missing documents, share documents securely within the platform, and receive reminders when documents are nearing expiry. These features, powered by the workflow automation tools, ensure your teams are always audit-ready.

Enterprise Content Management Software
Powerful DMS Solution

Unmatched Data Security for Complete Peace of Mind

Prioritize Data Security and Privacy: As a leading enterprise content management solution, ShareDocs prioritizes the security and privacy of your data. Our robust security controls include detailed activity logs, granular access controls, SSO integrations with your enterprises’ active directory and much more that powers the workflow automation tool and document management.

Multi-Layered Protection with Cloud Security: Multiple layers of access control, encryption, and real-time backups safeguard your documents from unauthorized access, theft, and corruption. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your data is secure in our cloud document management solutions.

Empower Your Business with ShareDocs Cloud Document Management and Workflow Automation

In today's dynamic business landscape, efficient document management and streamlined workflows are critical for success. ShareDocs Enterpriser offers a robust solution built on a powerful cloud document management system (DMS) with integrated workflow automation tools. This comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software empowers businesses to centralize, organize, and automate document-centric processes, leading to significant improvements in productivity, collaboration, and security.

Unlock the Benefits of a Centralized, Secure Cloud Repository:

Remote-Ready Collaboration

The Cloud Document Management: ShareDocs provides a web-based, centralized repository, making critical documents and data instantly accessible to your entire team, regardless of location. This empowers remote and global teams to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently on projects and tasks, streamlining cloud document management processes.

Enhanced Business Continuity

Real-time backups ensure rapid data recovery with minimal data loss in the event of an unexpected disruption. This translates to peace of mind and minimized downtime, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Scalability and Integration

ShareDocs is designed to adapt to your evolving needs. The system seamlessly scales to accommodate increasing document volumes, ensuring your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software can grow alongside your business. ShareDocs also integrates effortlessly with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, creating a unified platform for managing all your business-critical information.

Boost Productivity and Profits

With Workflow Automation Tools automate repetitive tasks and streamline document workflows, ShareDocs empowers your teams to work smarter, not harder. This translates to faster turnaround times (TAT) and improved access to vital information, allowing your teams to serve customers faster and more efficiently. Ultimately, this leads to increased revenue and profitability for your business.

Our happy clients say about us

One of the leading cement manufacturers in India. The company employs a large number of people across various locations. Managing employee documents was a significant challenge for the company's HR department. To address these challenges, Dalmia Cement deployed Sharedocs Enterpriser to store, index, secure, and offer easy retrieval of employee documents.

HR Department

A company that specializes in a physical records management for a wide range of clients. As part of its business operations, the company has to manage a large volume of invoices from various suppliers, which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. To streamline their invoicing process, Crown Records Management deployed Sharedocs Enterpriser

Vendor Invoice Management

One of the largest electricity distribution companies in India. The company operates in multiple states in India and manages large amounts of land records across various locations. To effectively manage these records, Adani Electricity deployed Sharedocs Enterpriser.


The National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. is the leading stock exchange of India. It offers a wide range of services to its members and investors including trading, clearing, and settlement in various asset classes such as equities, derivatives, and currency. NSE has a complex internal audit and approval process that requires coordination among different departments. To simplify and streamline these processes, NSE implemented ShareDocs Enterprise.


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