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Tasks Automation

ShareDocs Enterpriser aims to reduce manual effort and automate process as much as possible. It comes with utilities that help to reduce manual intervention, reduce the possibility of errors and save time.

1.  Auto-categorization of documents

The DMS assigns metadata/category to documents based on the naming convention followed while scanning and renaming documents. The administrator configures the 3-character auto-capture setting for each metadata. Basis this configuration, the system identifies the document category and assigns the relevant metadata to the document. For example, if the administrator has set up “AL_” as the auto-capture setting for “Appointment Letter” and a document with filename “AL_EMPLOYEECODE.pdf” gets uploaded, the system auto-assigns the metadata “Appointment Letter” to such a document.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations and HR departments where the document volume is high and documents from multiple categories need to be uploaded together.

2. Auto-data entry of document

Just as the DMS identifies the category of the document, it also assigns data entry of documents from the document set uploaded against the record. When the data entry in the document set and the metadata is alike, the administrator can configure settings in the metadata to pull the data entry from the master record on the basis of the unique field, for example, the Loan ID or the Employee Code. This helps to save time and cut the redundancy of inserting the same data entry against multiple categories of documents.

Data entry can also be exported from an existing business application and imported into solution from the administrator’s interface or through SFTP. Once the data entry has been pulled, the system auto-syncs the documents with the correct data entry on the basis of file name.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Financial organizations and HR departments where the document volume is high and the data entry in the original record and the various metadata is the same or the data entry already exists in another business application.

3. Auto-linking of documents

ShareDocs Enterpriser is equipped with a utility called ‘Document Sets’ that helps to auto-link documents to the master record. On the admin panel, the administrator configures the data entry fields, identifies the unique master field and defines the metadata that must be linked to the master for a record to be called complete.

As documents start getting uploaded in the DMS, along with its category and data entry, the system tallies the records with the document and auto-links it to the master. This also helps to auto-identify missing documents from the set.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments for the employee documentation and financial institutions for their loan master.

4. Auto-renaming of documents

When multiple documents of the same category and the same data entry are uploaded, ShareDocs Enterpriser also renames such documents. For instance, increment letters only differ in the year that they have been issued but the data entry remains the same. For such documents, the DMS has a setting to auto-rename the documents with an underscore and an incremental number for differentiation.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments where documents like increment letters and financial institutions where documents issued on a yearly or monthly basis are commonplace.

5.  Auto-OCR

ShareDocs Enterpriser is equipped with ElasticSearch, a built-in OCR tool that reads the text and images of documents and facilitates full text search. When documents are uploaded in the DMS, the OCR tool gets activated and captures the text of the documents as also creates its separate indexing entry of each document uploaded.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations where the document volume is high and users search for documents primarily on the basis of the content of the document.

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