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Stringent Access Policy

ShareDocs Enterpriser has a stringent access policy. To ensure it is followed, the solution allows only those users to access the DMS whose credentials have been created by the administrator. Apart from this, it can also integrate with the organisations existing Active Directory, SSO, and SAML. ShareDocs Enterpriser also comes with a mobile app that lets you access your documents anytime, anywhere.

1.  Web-based Direct Access

Users can access the DMS 24x7 over the web as it is a browser-based solution. The users created within the application are first authorized by the solution and then let in, making it a secure application.

HOW DOES IT HELP: Users can access the DMS anytime, anywhere as it is browser-based. If organizations host it on their premises, they may make the IP live and allow users to access the DMS from an external environment.

2. LDAP Integration

ShareDocs Enterpriser is capable of LDAP integration, thus, facilitating user login through AD authentication or Single Sign-On (SSO). The integration is only restricted to validate the user login. The access rights given to a user by the DMS administrator supersedes the access rights given to a user in the Active Directory.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that wish to integrate the DMS with their Active Directory or want their employees to avail of the benefits of Single Sign-On.

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