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ShareDocs Enterpriser has an effective reporting system that gives stakeholders an overview of all activities at the click of a button. With a variety of reports available, stakeholders have more choice and more visibility.

1.  Audit Trail

Each and every activity conducted on the DMS is kept track of and included in the audit trail – including that of the administrator’s. There is a separate log for each activity – be it upload, download, updating version or configuration of new folders. ShareDocs Enterpriser allows the administrator to download reports pertaining to specific activities like details of the documents downloaded in a certain timeframe.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that require to monitor user activity and keep a track of how many documents were uploaded and downloaded in a month.

2. Metadata Report

ShareDocs Enterpriser also provides a report on the metadata captured against each document. Administrator can select a particular metadata and download a report of the data entry imported for all the records against that metadata.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that require to export indexing reports from the DMS to import the records into an existing business application.

3. Document Sets’ Report

Users have access to only those document sets that they have been given rights to. Furthermore, they only get to see those records in the document set which exist in the folders and metadata that they have been assigned.  The administrator, however, has access to all document sets’ reports. The DMS admin gets an overview of all documents available in the set as well as the ones missing.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments and loan disbursement teams that require a 360° view of the documents linked to the record and the ones missing.

4.  Missing Documents’ Report

While ShareDocs Enterpriser helps to auto-link documents of pre-defined categories to the master record, it also displays a report of documents that are pending to get uploaded or linked. Users can view this report anytime they require and even download the report on their local systems.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments and financial institutions that require their employees to view linked records and action on the missing documents.

5.  Workflow Reports

ShareDocs Enterpriser is equipped with a workflow module that offers detailed reports on user activities. While the admin has access to the requisitions that were initiated, rejected or closed so far, the DMS also allows the administrator to choose a group of users who can get workflow report notifications over email on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Senior management team/CXOs who need an overview of the workflow activities conducted on the DMS – without actually being a part of the approval hierarchy.

7.  Mailing Activities’/Notifications Report

Every mail sent or pending to be sent is captured in the ‘Email Reports’ section of ShareDocs Enterpriser. This gives administrator an idea of who sent out an email from the DMS and how many times. It also helps when a workflow user complains of not having received a notification. In that case, the administrator can manually trigger the email to the concerned user.

This report also includes the mails that are sent as part of subscription alerts sent to users who have subscribed to a certain folder. Users receive mail notifications when other users of the group upload, download, move, delete or mail a document – depending upon the activity that they have subscribed to.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that require a seamless flow of emails and notifications and a provision to constantly monitor mailing activities.

8.  Reminder Notifications

ShareDocs Enterpriser is capable of sending reminders to concerned stakeholders upon documents’ expiry or before expiry. This feature can be extended to external parties like vendors, consultants and customers. Reminders notifications can be set at individual document level as well as at a category level like legal contracts, licenses, and more.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Law firms, legal departments and organisations that require reminders upon contract, subscription or license period expiry.

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