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Working From Home? DMS Has You Covered

Document Management System
Illustration by Joshua Diniz

In the recent light of concerns over the spread of COVID-19 (commonly referred to as the novel coronavirus), a lot of companies are switching over to remote working strategies. While this has been a recommended and effective tactic to slow down the spread of the virus, working from home might come with its own challenges for companies that aren’t equipped with the right infrastructure to support this alternative method.

When we use the words ‘right infrastructure’ we mean the specific ability to carry on usual business from home. We often see companies claim to have work from home standards in place—but the procedures in place and amenities available are hardly effective for a productive work environment. What’s more is that these work from home options tend to rely on the presence of someone in the office; therefore, we’re talking about an ineffective remote working strategy that wouldn’t do well in our situation right now.

Quarantining will seriously help your coworkers, but its effects on your company rely on your remote working strategy. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of these effects and how the implementation of a DMS can help your business carry on remotely and continue to thrive.

What Are The Stakes?

Companies that don’t have work from home strategies as an alternative to in-office work could essentially run into losses. Communication plays a critical role in the functioning of a business; remote working tests your ability to coordinate when your coworkers aren’t in the same physical place.

As mentioned earlier, sometimes the work from home policies implemented by businesses tend to rely on back-and-forth exchange between the employee(s) at home and those at the office. Since quarantining means strictly no office use, these WFH strategies would sadly, be redundant.

The spread of COVID-19 and consequent measures to curb it have already had drastic effects on all industries so far. Industries that largely rely on technology also seem to be facing issues with respect to production, customer management, event delays, and more. However, their saving grace is technology itself. Here’s how document management solutions (DMS) can help these businesses thrive at this critical time.

How DMS has Your Back

A while back, we published a post on remote working that is so, so relevant right now. The main goal of using a DMS is to create a digital filing system that can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. A DMS also allows you to collaborate with your coworkers, offering real time changes and revision history, as well as the ability to edit and leave comments, all from the comfort of your home.

Based on your industry, DMS vendors often supplement their product with specific features to aid your business. This means that you can quite literally run your entire company from home; all in good health, doing your bit to protect society during these times. Run your company from home, stay safe, and be a hero!

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