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Workflow Automation & Common Misconceptions

Workflow Automation Tool

Automation has become a revolutionary hallmark changing the way we work. Automating lengthy and repetitive processes have allowed us to channel more intellectual power into tasks that benefit from human intelligence. Workflows have especially benefited from automation, simplifying employees’ life at work.

However, there’s often a few doubts about the reliability of automation. We expect questions like ‘can we afford it?’ or ‘will it replace me someday?’ and we’re here to assure you that automation is your friend. This is what you need to know about common myths:

Myth: We lose control over our processes

Nope. In fact, the decision to automate your processes should be driven by the goal to have better control over your workflow. Automation is not some kind of rogue code (like in the movies!)—nor is it going to mess up your normal workflow. On the contrary, automated workflows are accurate and error-free, something that human input and judgement is not.

Myth: We can’t afford automation as a small company

Wrong. Automation has become affordable through the use of document management solutions (DMS). Previously considered an exclusive asset used by high-tech companies only, automation now has the potential to become a standard in every business, regardless of their size.

We encourage small companies to build their business on automated processes. Research data backs us up; when small businesses implement DMS, it’s more of an investment than an expenditure. With the help of a DMS, your company can heavily reduce expenses. We have posts on how DMS can reduce operational expenses, and why small companies can afford & thrive with a DMS.

Myth: We need an in-house expert

Definitely not. We assure you that while the technology behind automation is as interesting as it is complex, the user experience we deliver to you is not complicated—DMS is a user-friendly SaaS. Depending on how advanced you want your workflows to be, you can expect to require third-party help as your demands get trickier. This is where we can help again! Your DMS provider can take your needs into consideration in order to build custom workflows for your company.

Myth: Automation will eventually take over our jobs

This is a complex assumption to tackle. Yes, automation has taken control of jobs ever since the Industrial Revolution, but it has created more jobs in turn. However, in the context of DMS based automation, we’re looking at a different case. Workflow automation isn’t going to take over your job; on the contrary, it helps you to free up your time. The resources you put into manual jobs which can easily be done by a computer can be allocated into cultivating your skills and working on better projects.

We hope this clarified most of the misconceptions related to automation. If you would like to read more on the insights of DMS implementation, check out our blog. To learn about our DMS, ShareDocs Enterpriser, feel free to reach out to us here.

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