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What to Ask Your Cloud DMS Provider Before Implementing Their DMS

Cloud DMS Provider
Illustration by Joshua Diniz

Thanks to reliable development in the field of technology, implementing a cloud DMS is no longer a risky decision to make. However, risks are still involved if you don’t choose the right DMS vendor. In order to guide you to make the right choice, we’ve put together a basic list of must-ask questions to bring up when looking at a potential DMS provider.

How secure is their DMS offering?

As a business, you cannot afford any compromises with regard to your data. Shoot for industry standard security measures and aim for nothing less. Your DMS provider should offer multiple security features (all practical in nature) while adhering to regulatory compliances. We have multiple posts on our blog that can help guide you on how important security is, and what you should look for in a secure DMS. They can be found here.

How hard or easy is it to operate their product?

The purpose of a DMS is to improve the workflow of the user and ultimately help them perform better by reducing their workload. If your DMS vendor is distributing a service with a complicated user experience, the entire purpose is defeated. A DMS should be balanced between easy-to-use and advanced features so that users can progress from beginner to expert requirements as they familiarize themselves with the software.

How many features are accessible in the plan they offer?

Plenty of DMS vendors aren’t providing a DMS in its true sense. Their offerings are more along the lines of enterprise content management (ECMs) that are far off from being close to the advancements of DMS. Decade old technology shouldn’t be repurposed under the wrong term. A reliable DMS vendor will offer you a genuine DMS, furnished with features like automation, workflows, and data capture and other robust technologies.

Is their infrastructure global or local?

Cloud hosting platforms are a vital part to look into when choosing a DMS vendor’s cloud plan. Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure are industry standard cloud hosting platforms that have unmatched infrastructure that provides fast, globally available service, which is scalable as per your company’s needs. Local cloud hosting platforms can be tricky and should be generally avoided for cloud-based DMS.

Do they have a proven track record of success with past clients?

Customer success matters more than most people think. When choosing a DMS vendor, look for past case studies. Look up testimonials of past clients. Make sure that their technology has actually benefited their previous customers. Among all the questions in our list, this matters more. Theory looks good on paper; practicality matters when growing your business comes into the picture.

Now that you have an idea of what to ask your potential DMS provider, we’d recommend you read up more on the background of DMS, its features, and advantages in your industry. Here’s a link to our blog; and if you need more information or guidance, feel free to contact us here.

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