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What's Better: Document Management Solution or File Sharing App?

Recent times have witnessed file sharing apps like Google Drive, Dropbox & OneDrive focusing their gaze on enterprise level needs. These applications have commonly been used for file sharing in a non-industrial context. Yet, some of these service providers have introduced enterprise plans to target the likes of businesses who might see cloud-based file sharing as an alternative to DMS.

But how well do these services perform against enterprise-level document management solutions? Here’s a comparison on the grounds of functionality, security, and trust.


The first and foremost requirement of enterprise-level documents is information security. Choosing a document management solution over a cloud-based file storage app evades the possibility of exposing files to breach, trespassing and oversight.

DMS' like ShareDocs Enterpriser store documents in an encrypted format to ensure that unauthorized users are unable to access and view documents. Even if they do, they are unable to decrypt the documents so the documents always stay in a secure space.

There’s also the inclination to make use of the organization’s own hardware infrastructure. This is a common preference when an organization does not agree to hand over the control of proprietary and/or sensitive documents to third parties.


Cloud-based file sharing services have been popular among individual users due to their simple and straightforward set of features. Their customer base typically consists of users whose only requirements are simple document storage and retrieval. These services, however, do not come with the enterprise-grade functionalities that a great DMS comes with.

A well-chosen DMS provides so much more worth than a cloud-based file sharing service. Features like optical character recognition (OCR) for full-text search, customized reports based on the data stored, and advanced workflow capabilities of a DMS deliver greater value over the basic document sync, storage and retrieval features of cloud-based file sharing apps.


Organisations need to maintain a strict level of confidentiality of documents and comply with high standards of regulation. They also need to keep upgrading their systems as per the processes that they follow in their routine activities. Hence, they need to ensure that the document management vendor will be present at hand to serve their customized requirements as they grow over the many years to come.

Cloud-based file sharing apps are standalone spaces designated for file storage. They are not meant for customization. Even if they do, customization may get so tedious, it may soar the price. In contrast to that, organizations are much more comfortable partnering with DMS providers who have decades of product development and trust to attribute to their brand.

In Conclusion

If you’re a user that’s interested in synchronizing and sharing a couple of files every now and the, a cloud-based file sharing app will do enough to satisfy your needs. However, if your needs are enterprise level, even the “business” plan of such services might not do justice to your requirements.

ShareDocs Enterpriser is an excellent contender among other enterprise document management systems. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of choosing a DMS over a cloud-based file sharing service, you can contact us here.

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