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The Disadvantages of being a Non-Paperless Office

Disadvantages of being a Non-Paperless Office

Going paperless might seem like a trend or a fuss depending on the context. But for businesses that are serious about future proofing themselves, executives must seriously give thought to the outcomes of not opting for document management solution (DMS) as a business saving technology.

As a term that’s tossed around with little impact, DMS can have a surprising influence on your business if executed well. To list out some of the cons of not switching to DMS from traditional paper document management, here’s some reasons why non-paperless offices need to rethink their document organization strategy.

Restricted Office Space

Solely investing in storage space for paper documents is a huge setback for your business. If your business revolves around paper and relies only on physical storage, you’re allocating precious office space to stacks of paper and clunky equipment—all at the expense of real estate that could be used for much better purposes.

Compliance Issues

Document management gets increasingly tedious as your business ages. Compliance issues can arise if physical records are not well maintained in your organization. This is an understandable point of business growth which might require you to hire additional specialized staff. However, a smarter move would be investing in an experienced DMS vendor to keep your compliance issues at bay.

Poor Security

Paper documents are susceptible to dangers of all kinds. Employees might leave sensitive documents out in the open, important documents could find themselves in the wrong hands, or worse, your storage room could be compromised with a single key. A DMS not only comes with state of the art security measures, but also prevents such case specific scenarios with features you can read about here.

Business Challenges

Document management solutions are noticeably helpful to paperless offices when combating typical business challenges. From storage and retrieval times to document accountability, DMS has a business covered and set so that employees can work on more productive and yielding tasks.

Lack of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Paper documents are extremely vulnerable to potential disasters. From fires to floods to storms to earthquakes, if your physical documents aren’t backed up digitally, your business could easily be doomed for good. Statistics say that when disaster strikes, organizations without disaster recovery plans are almost always shut down; a DMS is crucial to your organization’s disaster recovery plan.

To conclude, we highly recommend checking out some of the other posts on our blog that list multiple reasons to invest in an electronic document management solution. As vendors of our own DMS, ShareDocs Enterpriser, we would love to share our first hand experience with you and guide you to make the right choice. Feel free to check out our product website or contact us here.

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