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The 5 Guards That Secure Your Documents

Secure Your Documents

Security is an imperative topic in document management solutions. In fact, most enterprises choose to go for an electronic document management solution primarily to ensure files are defended against physical or virtual threats. So what’s in a DMS that makes it such a secure tool for document management? We’ll tell you. Here’s a rundown on the five major elements that assure the security of your documents.

1. Orderly Circulation of Documents

A disadvantage of using paper files is the absolute uncertainty of whose hands it may lie in. Even though the internet has made circulation of digital files tremendously convenient, there are ways to guarantee a safe regulation of documents. Paper documents are prone to being circulated around negligently. It can especially be a problem when it pertains to unique, original or confidential documents. DMS provides authentication services that limit and control access to encrypted files. This helps to make sure that they can only be viewed and shared by the individual the files are relevant to.

2. Restricted File Access

Files and folders can be protected with password protection. With a fitting DMS, documents can be given additional layers of security. Accessibility privileges can be granted to an individual or a group of users. This works quite similarly to providing a back door access to a paper file cabinet. Except that the DMS does it much better, securely and systematically. In addition to this, a DMS can offer detailed information of the document’s modifications, downloads and distribution.

3. Categorization and Indexing

Collection, management and organization of paper files can evolve into a hairy situation over a period of time. Paper files have a reputation for being difficult to track down, having employees dedicate proper hours just to locate a very specific document to meet deadlines. Disoriented or missing documents can disrupt the flow of organizational functioning. A secure DMS can cover all these issues by indexing documents that are available for retrieval, just a keyword-search away.

4. File Recovery

Cloud-based document management solutions are actual saviors in the paper file realm. Not only do they make management and retrieval of documents easier, but they also protect your files from local calamities. Imagine being struck by a flood out of nowhere, having your important documents get destroyed by something that could easily have been avoided by uploading them off-site, on a virtual server. Now you’re stuck with a bunch of soggy papers with smudged ink. What a shame!

5. Digital Archival

Organizations that store authentic and significant files that require both, physical archival as well as file referral/access, can opt to make digital copies of the document in question. Files of historical significance will certainly deteriorate with frequent use. To eliminate this process of devaluation, important files can be scanned and uploaded to a DMS securely, creating a digital copy for reference. The originals could be stored in a vault under conditions that slow down the degradation process significantly.

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