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On-Cloud DMS: Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Cloud-based DMS

Organizations around the world are vulnerable to disaster as it strikes without warning. Despite having the most secure on-site servers, a natural disaster could render all of your files useless—and imagine the state of firms who don’t even deploy a DMS for file backups!

Disaster recovery plans specifically exist to prepare for scenarios where an organization could lose potentially everything they have—the core being their data. Cloud-based DMS can prevent such situations by storing every document off-site, but still retaining access for employees via electronic devices.

Here’s a brief rundown on why document management solutions should be the main focus of your organization’s data recovery plan.

1. Prompt Response

Employees of organizations that implement cloud-based DMS have access to uploading, storing and downloading files from anywhere and at any time. If at all a disaster strikes, these documents will continue to remain secure in the cloud.

These organizations preserve access to their data and records pertaining to their clients and suppliers, thereby securing their exchanges despite being struck by unanticipated hazards. In a scenario like this, even if their office in inaccessible, access will remain promptly available at all times.

2. Ability To Change Access Permissions

Changing access controls is an easy and pain-free process that document management solutions allow for. What’s more—you can do this from virtually anywhere provided that your credentials have the required rights to do so.

You can smoothly authorize or transfer document and workflow access from another office branch in case if disaster strikes. This way, you ensure that clients stay satisfied, thereby establishing that your organization is ever prepared.

3. Speedy Data Recovery

With regard to stored data, a DMS will basically help your organization get back up in no time. The importance of implementing a DMS as a vital component of your data recovery plan cannot be stressed upon enough. DMS' hosting their data on cloud ensure data backup at all times by keeping 5+ copies of each document at different cloud server locations. In the event that one server location goes under debris due to calamity, there are multiple backups well-prepared to deal with data recovery.

Any firm would be tremendously armed against unforeseen damage with a solid DMS in place. In today’s working world, data is king. If you lose your data in lieu of a calamity, it could mean bye-bye to your company. Having your files backed up securely in the cloud not only guarantees that provisions exist in the event of a disaster, but also that your organization can spring back up on its feet in no time.

Finally, it is agreeable among all of us that no firm wants to experience a disaster on purpose. To avoid this, having a solid disaster recovery plan is a prerequisite for all organizations. We’d highly recommend our document management solution—ShareDocs Enterpriser. It’s built for organizations that recognize the importance of DMS encompassing Disaster Recovery Plans.

If you’d like to know more, contact us here. We’d be more than happy to help!

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