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  • Sneha Devaskar

OCR and full text search in Document Management Solution

Machines replicating human activities like reading has been a dream since ages. However, over the last five decades, this dream is slowly turning into reality. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has become one of the most successful applications of technology in the field of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Why does a Document Management Solution need an OCR?

Documents which are uploaded to DMS are usually image files. One can search and retrieve documents with the help of metadata, which is either entered manually or imported from some other source. However, it may so happen sometime that you may need some important information, which is not tagged with metadata. This is why it is necessary for a DMS to have in-built OCR. ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with this feature.

Its in-built OCR engine can help you capture readable text from documents and search documents without relying on metadata.

How does OCR work in ShareDocs Enterpriser?

1.   When a file is being uploaded, the user gets an option to either enable or skip the OCR process for documents. ShareDocs Enterpriser initiates the OCR process for the files for which the user has chosen the OCR option.

2.   After this, ShareDocs Enterpriser’s inbuWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ilt OCR engine captures text from the file and stores the same in a database with links to the original file.

3.   When the same file is being searched, the user gets an option to perform “Content Search”. The user can then view or download the file.

It's all about choosing the right option and OCR is just a click away!

Document Management Solution

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