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Insurance Agencies & The Impact of DMS

Insurance Agencies
DMS for Insurance Agencies

Let’s face it: insurance agencies do not take a break. It’s a constant struggle to keep track of critical documents that are produced, organized and reviewed by clients and agents. It can be tough to match the pace of the moving world, but a document management solution can help your company keep up.

Insurance agencies operate within a data-first field. This is why a DMS can automate otherwise redundant tasks like storage and retrieval of documents, freeing up your employees’ time for better, more pressing tasks at hand. However, it doesn’t end here. There are multiple benefits to implementing a good document management solution. These are the most relevant ones.

1. Effortless Collaboration

Communication and collaboration is especially vital in the insurance sector. With an inferior IT solution, employees can face a tough time trying to collaborate with each other. Fortunately, most DMS' are made to facilitate convenient information exchange and easy correspondence.

With the help of a solid DMS, multiple people can access and work on the same case by viewing the document in question from their device, regardless of location. The ability for multiple people to work on various aspects of a case aids productivity in your agency. For your clients, this means excellent, hassle-free service.

2. Effective Workflows

Setting up workflows in a DMS is flexible and intuitive. Regardless of whether the file is a receipt, an invoice, a claim, or a policy document, a suitable workflow can be set up with the required administrative rights to ensure that the file reaches the right people for inspection, and then approval or rejection.

DMS allows employees to attend to inquiries while on call instead of having to hang up, fetch the required documents and getting back to the customer. Additionally, e-signature capabilities coupled with secure client portal faculty can boost the otherwise tedious insurance claims process significantly, improving your agency’s rapport with the customer.

3. Paperless Documentation

We’ve written about how overpriced it can be to use paper-based document management as time goes by. In an era where technology and progress is rampant, it makes no sense to stick to filing papers in a storeroom. The numbers show that DMS is not only cheaper in the long run, but is also a way to secure your highly confidential files from possible harm.

Cutting costs by opting out of paper documents and switching to a good DMS can prove to be good news for your insurance agency. Among other solid reasons, cutting down on financial costs, boosting security and lowering environmental damage by minimizing paper use are all very great motivations to immediately make the move to implementing a DMS.

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