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How to Introduce Mobile DMS to Your Coworkers

Workflow Automation Tool
Illustration by Joshua Diniz

Introducing a DMS (or rather, even pitching the idea) can be a little daunting since most of your coworkers are used to their routine. In this article, we explore the process to help you bring everyone on the same side and implement a mobile DMS to benefit the company as well as your coworkers.

Discuss Usage

One of the core reasons for implementing a DMS is to solve a problem. Depending on the industry, this problem could look like many things. Typically, offices implement basic DMS in order to organize and digitize their documents. A mobile DMS can help reduce costs associated with travelling—or assist with remote work.  Upon discussing as a team however, you can figure out what problems lie on the sidelines—make your coworkers feel part of the early discussion.

Maintain Transparency

DMS is a technology that will require employees to adapt to an updated workflow. It is natural for some to be unwelcoming to new change—that’s unavoidable. However, communication and transparency is vital for a smooth and cooperative transition. Encourage questions and answer them, provide resources and case studies, and keep everyone updated on the process.

Roll Out Slowly

Changing your employees’ workflow all at once might be a bad idea. Not everyone will be comfortable with suddenly switching to a DMS. It takes time to familiarize oneself with a new software and routine, which is why we recommend that you roll out DMS slowly and steadily, to a few users over time and then to the whole company when everyone figures out the basics.

Organize Employee Training

As stated previously, new technology comes with challenges. Even if your coworkers are proficient with technology, it’s best to conduct an orientation and training workshop (usually provided by your DMS vendor) to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Depending on the variety of departments in your office, it is recommended to train employees to use DMS & its features as it fits them best.

Request Timely Feedback

Once you’ve implemented mobile DMS and trained your coworkers, it’s time to ask them for feedback. This will allow you to understand where the DMS is helping your company and where it needs adjustments. ‘Are there any technical problems? Is everyone adjusting to the software well enough?’—questions like these will help you create a more empathetic experience and uncover problems to solve early on.

If you’re looking for more resources on the topic of DMS, feel free to check out our blog. If you need help with choosing an appropriate DMS, we can help out! Contact us here, we’d love to know you and your company better—we can help you find the plan that fits you best.

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