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How can Universities Benefit from DMS? Here’s your Answer

Universities Benefit from DMS

The classroom has witnessed a significant shift over the last decade. As more universities start going down the digital route, we can expect a surge of digitization behind the scenes as well. Document management solutions are effectively changing the landscape of administration in businesses, and is slowly making its way to empower universities. In this article, we take a look at how DMS can help benefit your own university using features that fit all your needs.

Powering administration

Accounts departments can particularly benefit from the use of DMS. Invoicing and record processing can be handled—and automated—with the help of custom workflows. By keeping documents in a central, ever-accessible location, your staff can collaborate & work speedily to ultimately impart better service.

Cost effectiveness

Implementing a DMS may sound like an unnecessary expense, but if you look at your yearly paper expenditure, you might just change your mind! A while back, we wrote a blog post outlining the savings and ROI of switching over to DMS from paper. Considering the reliance on paper (especially in a university), going digital using a DMS can effectively save you a lot of money in the long run. You can read more about this here.

Compliance (to stay on track)

Competitive DMS vendors are well-versed with regulations and standards. As professionals we take precautions very seriously. Cloud-based DMS, in particular, maintains high levels of data safety since all of your files are stored in industrial-grade, tightly secure servers.

Improved accessibility

A great part of cloud-based DMS is its ease of access. Let’s say you’re off premises but you need a document for reference. If you’re using a traditional filing cabinet to manage your documents, you would need to take a trip back to the office. However, with a cloud-based DMS and a browser on your phone, you can simply enter in your credentials and access the files you need at any time, from anywhere.

High-grade security with role based access

Regardless of what or whom you deal with, the information you collect should always be treated as sensitive. Paper documents have been known for their common tendency to get misplaced, stolen, or destroyed. Since DMS takes away the paper element in this problem, you’ll have a secure database where you can easily keep your documents safe from unwanted eyes. This is made possible by role-based access which allows you to assign file access based on the user’s ‘tier’ in your DMS.

We believe that education can be made better by improving the cogs running behind the scenes. With the help of a robust DMS you can improve both, the administration as well its cost-effectiveness, to provide a better experience for your students. If you’re interested in elevating your campus to new heights, contact us here. We would love to hear about you and help you select a DMS plan that truly works in your favour. While we get back to you, feel free to read our other posts here.

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