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Here’s Everything You Must Consider Before Moving to Cloud DMS

Cloud DMS

So your company wants to upgrade to a cloud-based document management solution.

The plan looks enticing—especially with great features like remote access, custom

workflows and automations… but there’s something standing between your

organization’s present and its future: Change.

We understand that moving to cloud DMS can be an extreme and daunting jump. We’re

here to help you. In this post, we mention a few things you should consider well in

advance of switching to cloud-based DMS. Read on to make your change smoother.

Business Needs

As an organization looking to upgrade to cloud-based DMS, your first step would be to

figure out your business needs to be fulfilled by implementing said DMS. Start by listing

down the drawbacks of your current system (you may be a non-DMS company, or you

may find on-premise DMS limiting).

After putting together a list of drawbacks, make a note of the DMS features that you

would require to solve these issues. For example, OCR and custom workflows can help

automate your current document life cycle.


Now that you have evaluated your business needs, you will have to pick out a plan that

suits your budget. Cloud DMS plans are known to be on the lower-end (while being cost

effective), but based on the features you require, your costs can scale up.

Firstly, consider your required storage space. Then move onto the number of users,

primary and secondary features, professional support, and so on. Make sure you also

inquire about costs that come with scaling up your plan and recurring maintenance



When choosing a DMS, pick a provider who specializes in handling industry-specific

cases like yours. Since regulations vary with industry, implementing a DMS that is

compliant to these industry-standards is the right way to go.

Along with standard security features (see: encryption, two-factor authentication), ask

your vendor for advanced security solutions that are specific requirements within your

industry. This way you can rule out any worries in terms of document safety.

Employee Training

Implementing a cloud DMS is basically like introducing a new vital software to your

average employee’s workflow. To make sure that all of your employees are on the same

page with regard to operating a DMS (and the functions that come with it), employee

training is essential.

Jumping into the field of cloud-based DMS can be overwhelming (even with these

considerations), and as industry experts we totally understand the customer’s

apprehension. At Hridayam Soft Solutions, we’re always available for a call; ask us

anything, including guidance regarding pricing, plans, and more. Contact us here, or

read more on our blog.

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