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Does your DMS auto-link records? This one does!

Most document management solutions do a fantastic job at storing documents. They help people like you and me to manage a huge pile of documents. In fact, the retrieval systems of these DMS’ is so impeccable that they make it so easy to look up the documents you need!

How about finding all related documents in one place? How about feeding in just one value or information related to one record? What if your DMS shows up all related documents in one place? Well, that is absolutely possible. Automation is for the benefit of the human race. And so are document management solutions!

Automating the process of creating e-files or e-folders does not just save efforts put into manual linking of documents. It also helps in quicker retrieval of all documents that could be of help when you need references. ShareDocs Enterpriser understands this need. It is home to a functionality termed ‘Document Sets’ which features auto-linking of documents. Most importantly, since this functionality can be set up by the administrator, it helps all users from the entire organisation that access data in this digital repository.

So, where does ‘Document Sets’ apply to an enterprise-level scenario? Well, at so many places! HR managers find it cumbersome to consolidate all documents related to each employee. Imagine, the employee count of an organisation to be in thousands and lakhs! With this super-helpful tool, the administrator can configure document sets for all employee files. This way, all data related to one employee will auto-link to the employee code/employee ID. So, when the HR manager looks up for document related to employee X, it would be so easy to find all documents in one place.

Document Sets also helps to trace documents that are pending for submission. This is of absolute need when there’s an audit round the corner. Imagine finding all documents in one place and showing it to the auditors. How hassle-free is that!

This feature does not just apply to the HR department or teams that deal with audits. It applies to anyone and everyone who has to refer to several documents or work with documents that are interlinked to each other by content, value, pricing, or any other data for that matter.

Would you like to know more about this feature? We’re just a click away on Feel free to leave a footprint on our site and we’ll come back to you.

auto-link records

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