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  • Sneha Devaskar

This is why Document Management Solutions shall be the Future of Organizational Excellence

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Document Management Solutions

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) is gearing up to take over the world, the way organisations work is changing by each day. Automation is becoming the need of the hour and reduced human intervention seems to be the goal of tomorrow. Cost-effective, less time-consuming processes are fast replacing traditional, manpower-driven workflows. In such a scenario, it is but obvious that document management solutions are most relied upon by organisations, irrespective of their size, product and expanse. Here’s why we think document management solutions are soon going to be the future of organisational excellence.

1. They are smart solutions

Document management solutions are smart solutions developed in accordance with the demand of the industry/company. They can be customised depending upon the needs of individual projects, centralized processes as well as diverse work cultures. Document management solutions come with smart features like OCR (optical character recognition) that helps to locate any document from any location by a single word present in the document.

2. They save time

Document management solutions help you stack all documents in one place. They offer customised options like hierarchical/department-wise/user-wise access to specific folders. Any employee can access any designated folder from any part of the world. Hence, they save a lot of time spent on retrieving physical documents from piles of organisers.

3. They increase productivity

Document management solutions offer automated workflows and facilitate better document management. Hence, they tend to enhance the productivity of employees. It is said that time saved is time earned. Similarly, automated document management is equivalent to productivity enhanced.

4. They reduce man-hours

These solutions tend to save time employed towards generating and managing crucial business documents. Also, productivity is enhanced due to automation. Consequently, the amount of real time invested by employees in completing their work is significantly reduced.

5. They infuse automation in the process

Once document management solutions become an integral part of the workflow, automation becomes one with the regular work process. The convenience that technology offers is quite difficult to let go. Automation, quicker turn-around-time, and enhanced productivity become a habit then.

6. They bring co-workers on a single platform

Thanks to the growing demand and thriving nature of cloud-based servers, document management solutions are able to provide 24x7 web-based access. Document management solutions are now able to resolve worries related to geographical locations, multiple sites, employee size, and business models.

7. They help in version control

The best thing about document management solutions is that they help in version control. Old documents, new documents, updated documents, archived documents, trashed documents, all kinds of documents get a standard treatment and become a part of document lifecycle. This is immensely important as each and every version of a document has something important in it that you cannot afford to lose. Version control also helps in automating and bringing in accountability in the system.

8. They are reliable

With technological advancements, superior firewalls and secure access provisions, document management solutions score a 10/10 as far as reliability is concerned. Due to the soft nature of documents and their storage in secure vaults, it is easy and wise to rely and invest in a good document management solution.

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