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An Inside Look: How DMS Providers Operate

How DMS Providers Operate

If you’ve ever wondered what our process (as DMS vendors) is like, here’s the perfect article for you. Document management solutions might be an alien topic to you; we don’t want it to be so! DMS providers stick to a certain process outlined below. It’s extremely transparent, collaborative, and informative. We hope you find our process insightful, and find yourself less intimidated by the end.

We digitize documents

The whens and wheres of document digitizing depends on the size of your organization. With small businesses, we typically carry out the digitization process in your premises (this, of course, depends on your preference). The process usually takes a couple of days. But if you have a larger organization, this could take a few weeks, in which case we recommend carrying out the digitization process off-site in a secure and regulated facility.

That includes so many types of documents

Self-digitizing—or digitizing documents with your own machinery and software—has certain limitations of its own. As DMS providers, we can help you scan specific, complex-to-scan items like photos, film, newspapers, catalogues/brochures, cartographic materials and even books!

We tag, categorize, and sort files

Scanning and digitizing documents is just half the story. When we upload these files into your DMS, we have to tag and categorize them appropriately so that you can find them contextually—we can’t leave random names like ‘final-final-doc-10.’ And no, this is not a callout post!

We’re here to help you choose the best fit storage option

This step is typically done after we’ve talked and acquainted ourselves with you and your company. As regarded DMS providers in our field, we’re good at analyzing your needs based on your company’s industry, size, and scope. Our main aim is to help you choose a plan and configuration that works best for you.

Industry standard regulations? We have it covered

Competent DMS providers are required to adhere to industry standards in order to protect your data as well as the data your customers entrust you with. We are always open to transparency—ask us questions about our process, the security standards enforced, and how safely & sensitively we handle your data.

And of course, we prepare backups

We get this question a lot: ‘What happens to our documents if something goes wrong in our DMS?’

We’re here to assure you that unless it’s human error, nothing bad will happen to documents when they’re stored in a DMS. You can always roll back to a file’s previous version. We can also prepare physical backups upon your request; these backup documents are stored in secure facilities, away from being misplaced or destroyed.

As DMS providers, we’re here to help you make the best choice—and we’re always just a call away! We hope you found our process insightful, and if you would like to experience our streamlined process first-hand, contact us here. You can always find more resources on our blog here.

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