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  • Doli Bhanushali

6 Benefits of Onboarding Employees Remotely During the Covid-19 Pandemic with ShareDocs HRDMS

Over the last year many organizations had to adapt to working remotely owing to the global pandemic. While organizations and functions that were already partially working from home were quick to adapt to the new normal, some functions like the HR teams had to re-think the way forward.

With no physical office to welcome the new employee, most pre-joining and onboarding tasks had to be done over emails and calls. New employee documentation and orientation were mismanaged due to missed follow-ups as it was mostly handled manually. The HR team was grappling with a backlog, leading to delays and the new employee had a not-so-good first impression.

One of our clients - a leading consumer goods company operating out of 12 major Indian cities with a talent pool of 10000 employees, faced similar and more challenges.

ShareDocs HRDMS helped ease the burn out and automate employee onboarding for their HR team.

1. The HR is now able to send personalized pre-joining forms to the candidates once they accept the offer.

2. The candidate is notified on the status of their pre-joining formalities through regular follow-ups .

3. The HR team has access to relevant employee records to review and process.

4. Once processed, all information is stored in a document management solution for easy archival.

5. The new employee gets access to a personalized profile page with a view to all the HR generated documents for easy access

6. The tool's OCR capabilities help the HR team get easy access to employee records and documents

ShareDocs HRDMS truly creates a win-win. It saves hours spent on manual data entry and document compilation. It gives the talent acquisition team a heads-up on candidate's sincerity to join. Moreover, it keeps the candidate engaged, creating a good first impression, thus contributing to a reduced early-stage turnover.

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