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5 Steps to Choosing a Secure Document Management Solution

Document Management Solution

Everyone knows that it never hurts to be too safe. When picking a document management solution (DMS) one of your main priorities as a business should be to ensure the safety of your documents.

From transportation to post-scanning, your documents will be in the hands of a DMS vendor—a third-party. To make sure that you choose a reliable vendor, we have compiled a list of five major points that will keep your documents secure.

Review Means of Transportation

Before the process of scanning, your documents will most likely be transported to your DMS provider’s facility. Ask your DMS vendor about the provisions in place to transport your documents to their facility, the security measures they enforce, and the individuals who will be transporting and assisting the files on their route.

Examine the Facility

Thoroughly examining (and inspecting the processes of) the facility is very crucial to the security of your files. Since all of your data is going to be scanned and uploaded, it is vital to ask your vendor about the ins-and-outs of the facility. Ask them about the scanning and indexing process, the storage facility, and how security comes into play. Make sure that the vendor is using compliant methods in the process of scanning and uploading.

Review Your Document Information

Before going ahead with the scanning process, always discuss the nature of files that your organization currently witnesses. For example, you may choose to scan sensitive documents within your own premises rather than sending them to the vendor’s facility due to their confidential nature. Files like these should be reviewed and the vendor should be informed so that extra provisions can be made for added security.

Ask About Document Destruction Options

Once your documents have been scanned and digitized, their physical versions will still exist. This is why it is important to discuss with your vendor about the aftermath of the physical files. Ask them whether the files will be sent back to your company, if they can be stored at a secure warehouse, or if they destroy the files by shredding methods. In either of these scenarios, make sure that the entire process is described to you in detail with a focus on security and strict regulations.

Keep Track of Information at Each Stage

When choosing a DMS vendor, one of the most important values to consider is that of transparency. Make sure that your DMS provider is open to guiding you through the process with honesty, and is willing to share information with you from the scanning to the storing/destruction stage. This will ensure that your provider is trustworthy enough to secure your documents and isn’t reluctant to let you in on the whole process.

We would conclude by offering to extend our services as reputed and trustworthy DMS vendors who value security and transparency. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us here. We also have a variety of posts on our blog to help you understand the essentials and nitty-gritties of DMS. We hope to hear from you soon!

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