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  • Sneha Devaskar

5 Enhancements in Document Management offered by ShareDocs Enterpriser 2021 Edition - Part II

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At ShareDocs, we understand that document safety is of utmost priority. Hence, allowing access & permissions to authorized users and doing so as per organization's information security guidelines is of importance. Hence, in 2021, the team at ShareDocs Enterpriser offered these 5 enhancements that extended the role of the document management solution from central document repository to information governance tool.

1. SSO Integration

While most organizations choose to keep their DMS as a safety vault that stores their documents, creating a separate user base in the document management solution's environment is a Herculean task. To evade this discomfort, ShareDocs Enterpriser now allows organizations to integrate the solution with their existing SSO policies that helps to manage user base. In addition to this, DMS users also get the best of both worlds as the single sign off feature helps them to log into the DMS just like other business applications in no time! Most importantly, only those users whose credentials have been imported from the company's Active Directory make it to the DMS - thus ensuring access is only given to those who are eligible for it.

2. Dual-Factor Authentication

In addition to SSO, ShareDocs Enterpriser has now made dual-factor authentication as a method of signing in for users. As part of stringent security policies, DMS administrator can now make it mandatory for users to log into the solution with their user credentials and an OTP that lands in the message box of their authorized contact number. In case a user has to change the number for OTP, they would have to first inform the DMS administrator about it and only then would they receive OTP on the new number. This helps to ensure users are unable to meddle with other users' credentials and access confidential data. For organizations that do not wish to resort to both SSO and OTP-based authentication, there's captcha policy in place that helps add a layer of security upon every login attempt. Moreover, these options could be enabled for all or select few users!

3. Easy Folder Creation

ShareDocs Enterpriser has been functioning as an enterprise document management software since the past few years. Over a period of time, the team found that at an enterprise level, the folder hierarchy tends to be dense and complex. Manually creating folders and subfolders becomes an unproductive and unnecessarily time-consuming task where organizational hierarchy is complicated and the number of functions and departments is high. To iron out this trouble of the DMS administrator, ShareDocs Enterpriser released a smarter way of folder creation in 2021. All the administrator has to do is create a cabinet or root folder in the DMS and then download the template for folder and subfolder from the system. The administrator has to then fill in the spreadsheet with the folder and subfolder names that need to be created in the DMS. Lastly, the administrator needs to save the spreadsheet in a comma delimited format and import it into the solution. The folder structure then gets created in ShareDocs Enterpriser with the values getting updated in the database and the job is done! Thus, a 5-6 hour job has now come down to less than 5 minutes.

4. Easy Rights Management

Once multiple folders and subfolders have been created, it becomes imperative to also assign rights through a smarter process. As a solution to this, ShareDocs Enterpriser now allows the DMS administrator to assign rights to user groups on multiple folders and subfolders by the spreadsheet way! Once groups have been created, the administrator can again download the template from the solution and add a 'Yes' or 'No' against folder rights, viz. view, upload, download, delete, mail, version update, and subscribe.

5. Exception Reports

When doing so many activities in bulk, there is always a risk of errors and oversight. As a solution to this, ShareDocs Enterpriser offers exception reports for all activities conducted in bulk. Thus, when an administrator happens to a folder's name to the list twice or when the data entry imported is not in line with the validations set or when a duplicate document is uploaded onto the solution, the application reverts with an exception report that gets locally downloaded on the administrator's device. This gives the administrator a chance to rectify the error while ensuring only correct information and configuration changes get updated onto the solution.

2021 has been a year of wisdom and innovation. We've learnt our lessons along the way and incorporated the feedback we received from our esteemed customers. After all, the user who spends the most amount of time with the solution is the one who can talk about pain areas and finding solutions to them is the way to making ShareDocs Enterpriser smarter and better.

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