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  • Sneha Devaskar

5 Enhancements in Document Management offered by ShareDocs Enterpriser 2021 Edition - Part I

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The team at ShareDocs Enterpriser has been constantly focused on enhancing and upgrading features and functionalities to make document management easier by the day. 2021 has been no exception to this. As we review the developments taken up in this year, we realized that there's a lot more to the solution than we thought when we began. So, here's us sharing our achievements and the new set of features that we rolled out in the year 2021.

1. HRDMS/Onboarding Portal

The onboarding portal takes care of the employee onboarding process for a seamless absorption of candidates in the organization. It is an extension of the document management solution meant for HR departments that helps HRMs to set up a standard onboarding process for new-hires. The portal lets HRMs import the list of shortlisted candidates and send them onboarding forms over email. The candidates then have to fill in required details and upload mandatory documents that go to the HR teams for evaluation. Once approved, the new joiners' master information gets added to the DMS and the documents uploaded get synced with the employee code inside ShareDocs Enterpriser - the reliable document management solution. Thus, document upload of new joiners becomes an automated process - triggered only upon approval.

2. Dynamic Dashboards

Over a period of time, we realized that different sets of users access the document management solution for a different set of information. They require varied dashboards that gives them an overview of data they frequently deal with. Having a pre-fixed dashboard restricted users' engagement with the DMS. Hence, in 2021, we released a new feature - dynamic dashboards that can be selected and configured by users! They get to see what they wish to see - empowering them to oversee the scanning, uploading process as well as team activities at any time, any hour. The user-set dashboards also provides missing documents' report that aids in the monthly/quarterly review process for HR compliance.

3. Document Upload from Multiple Sources

While the HRDMS is one of the modes for document upload, ShareDocs Enterpriser continues to allow users to upload their documents onto the application. In addition to that, the DMS now accepts and uploads document from multiple SFTP locations. Thus, organizations can now store documents generated from their ERPs in the document management solution while also setting up SFTP infrastructure for the scanning team. As the DMS takes up the job of pulling and uploading documents, the need to share DMS credentials with scanning team for document upload is completely eliminated. This also reduces the risk of information leakage by way of unauthorized access.

4. Automation of Document Indexing Process

Making ShareDocs Enterpriser a smart document management solution is a constant endeavor for the team at Hridayam Soft Solutions. As part of enhancing the current process of indexing documents, year 2021 saw us releasing a new feature that allows DMS administrator import master data from existing ERPs/BPMs/TPAs and syncing the data with the documents uploaded with correct nomenclature. The DMS is also capable of renaming documents as per nomenclature set. This helps to standardize the document names irrespective of their mode of upload, thus making it easy to search for documents within the DMS.

5. Open APIs for smarter document management

ShareDocs Enterpriser has now published 14 ready APIs that helps the document management solution to integrate with multiple business applications. This has been the most convenient way for organizations to retrieve and upload documents in the DMS. What's more, users who are outside of the DMS environment can avail of the benefits of ShareDocs Enterpriser from their native applications, thanks to API integration. The 14 APIs released allow for seamless upload, search, download of documents based on filename as well as master data maintained in the native application. In addition to this, APIs have also been developed to push new entries from Employee Masters, Loan Masters and the likes from the business application. Thus, the business application is utilized efficiently while ShareDocs Enterpriser takes the responsibility of document management.

There is another list of such exciting features added to ShareDocs Enterpriser in this year. That would make for another article. For now, Ciao!

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