• Joshua Diniz

5 Advantages Of Switching To EDMS

It is only a matter of time until paper documents are entirely replaced in the era of digitization. Electronic document management solutions (or EDMS) have been pushing an ever increasing number of businesses to switch from physical to digital—and for good reason. In this article, we list five benefits of taking your business paperless with a document management solution. Read on.

1. Strict Security

Security has become a towering priority in today’s world. Since businesses cannot afford to have their important data compromised, switching to DMS is a no-brainer. Paper documents are at the highest risk in case of a security breach. Anyone from the outside (or inside) can access your file storage with a spare key, putting all of your company’s documents at risk. Electronic DMS handles such dangers by implementing highest standards of security measures; you can be assured that electronic DMS keeps your data in the right hands.

2. Cost Reduction

Document management solutions are so effective at cutting down operational costs that we wrote an entire article about it! (Read it here) Paper documents come with a hefty price tag that most people tend to overlook. In the long run, storage space (in the form of real estate) and material expenditure (in the form of stationery costs) alone can effectively cost over $7,000 per annum! These costs are only expected to rise with inflation over the coming years. Switching to a DMS can guarantee savings over the years, making it more of an investment than an expenditure.

3. Efficient File Management

What’s in a name, you ask? Of course, DMS is excellent at what it’s meant to do: organize and manage files. DMS makes it endlessly convenient to find the files you’re looking for. Files are indexed with the help of their metadata. They can be easily categorized by their kind, and further by the type of their content. Our DMS, in fact, also allows for robust search. This feature lets you search within the text contents of all of your files to help you find the exact, specific document that you would have spent a few hours on searching if it were in a storage room.

4. Effective Collaboration

With advanced collaboration-centric features offered by DMS, coordinating and working together has never been more prompt. DMS comes with technology that enables easier handoffs, robust communication, and progressive workflows.

Document management solutions allow employees to view, markup, comment on, and edit documents as a team. It eliminates the need for employees to go back and forth as in the case with paper documents. This convenience can foster a spirit of partnership within your organization.

5. Exclusive Support

It’s not always that technical issues crop up, but when they do, your DMS provider will handle it with expertise. As DMS providers ourselves, we know how to tackle it as specialists. Unfortunately paper document management does not come with a dedicated support system that knows the needs and priorities of your business. Instead, it requires you to either employ managers or allot the responsibility to your employees or outsource the entire activity (which is another risk).

Making the switch may seem daunting at first, but we assure you that electronic DMS has been a wise investment for our past customers. Your organization wouldn’t be any different. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact our team.

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