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4 Benefits of Choosing Cloud DMS Over In-Premise DMS

Benefits of Choosing Cloud DMS
Illustration by Joshua Diniz

If you’re a blooming business, you must’ve come across companies that use DMS to store documents and manage operations. DMS—or document management solutions—can easily be considered an industry standard that is quickly replacing your traditional filing cabinet. While DMS comes in three models, it is commonly implemented as a cloud-based service—and for good reason!

Large corporations have the funds and infrastructure to implement in-premise DMS, but this may not be feasible to all organizations looking for a DMS upgrade. Thankfully, cloud-based DMS has been a rising contender that is being widely implemented by companies across a variety of industries. Read on to find out why they choose cloud-based DMS over in-premise options.


In-premise DMS can be rigid and restricting when it comes to expansion of users and features. Customizing in-premise DMS post implementation is quite a complex process that is costly and time-consuming based on what components you need to scale up or down on.

Your cloud DMS provider also makes the task much, much simpler since technical responsibilities like maintenance and hardware/software changes are mainly handled by them; allow your IT team to fix more pressing issues!


A major limitation when it comes to in-premise DMS is the lack of accessibility outside office headquarters. Documents and other files may be needed for a multitude of reasons outside business premises. In-premise DMS restricts anywhere-anytime access to documents, unlike cloud-based DMS which allows you to pull up a document remotely, as long as you have the right credentials and a working internet connection.


A disaster recovery plan is an integral part of futureproofing your business. If you don’t have state-of-the-art disaster protection for your in-premise DMS, a disaster—natural or otherwise—could spell an end to your company’s operations. For this reason, disaster recovery plans can be tricky to execute with in-premise DMS plans.

Cloud-based DMS securely hosts your files from a remote facility, ensuring that even if an unfortunate incident strikes your business physically, your files will remain unscathed. Even if your headquarters are compromised, your business still stands a chance to continue functioning and thriving.

Cost Effectiveness

In-premise DMS is often too ambitious of a step for a growing company to suddenly take. In-premise DMS is a costly solution for companies who want to switch to an electronic document management system. Therefore, it makes much more sense to start with a cloud-based solution instead.

Cost effective cloud-based solutions come with plans that can be scaled upwards or downwards based on the number of users or features bundled in (as mentioned in our point about scalability). Infrastructure and maintenance costs are much cheaper and reasonable for a company that is starting out in the DMS scenario.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of using cloud-based DMS, head over to our blog! We’re also available for a quick chat over the phone if you would like to ask questions, or book a demo. Contact us here!

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