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3 Reasons AWS is the Perfect Storage Solution for DMS Implementation

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand cloud computing platform that offers a wide range of storage solutions. ShareDocs Enterpriser makes use of the Simple Storage Service (S3) to host your critical data while deploying the DMS on cloud. Here’s why we endorse the S3 bucket and AWS as an ideal storage solution for your DMS implementation.

1. Highly secure

When you host your DMS on our cloud, we basically pull AWS into the picture. This model has an architecture wherein there is a separate application server, a separate database server and an S3 bucket where documents are stored. These servers talk to each other via API keys. Unless there is an authorized key, these servers cannot communicate and hence, cannot transmit data.

AWS has a policy to keep multiple copies of each document stored in an S3 bucket. This is to ensure that in case any of the live servers go down, there is a prompt backup & recovery. Also, the hosting facility comes with several well-defined physical security features. As a result, people cannot enter the facility and access the physical servers unless they are authorized to do so.

2. Dual encryption

AWS offers an in-built encrypted platform that ensures each document uploaded on its server cannot be decrypted without a security key. As a DMS like ShareDocs Enterpriser also comes with 256-bit encryption, you could say it works like a dual layer of encryption for each and every critical document of yours.

3. Scalable model

AWS offers an agile and scalable model. Thus, you can start out with a certain storage space and then scale it up any time. In case, you wish to ramp down the space, you can do so at any given point. Such flexibility is like a blessing in disguise for smaller organisations as they grapple with day-to-day challenges and gauging their storage requirement looks difficult. AWS is a perfect solution for those who want to start out small.

If you wish to know more about AWS’ capabilities and how ShareDocs Enterpriser integrates with it, feel free to contact us here. We love to talk about AWS and how our on-cloud implementation works.

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