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Document Management System for Law firms


Document Management for Law Firms

The legal sector attracts a large amount of paperwork. Legal documents are often confidential in nature and become a tough task to manage over an extended period of time. Adopting a document management solution like ShareDocs Enterpriser ensures that security and efficient management is at the front and center of document management.

Law Firms' Document Management Woes

A majority of legal documents, for instance, power of attorney, agreements, case papers, case studies, consist of sensitive and highly confidential data. The loss of one in-process document could spell a major setback. Add to this, the responsibility of keeping these documents secure for 10 years, 20 years or a lifetime! Not just in law firms but any organization’s legal department serves as the custodian of all important paperwork that keeps the firm going. It becomes imperative then to take care of these documents for long. Physical copies of these documents may be the valid version for signatures but by nature, physical copies find it difficult to stand the test of time. 

Solution to Legal Documents' Management

In order to extend the lifetime of documents, electronic copy is only plausible solution as it has a longer life span. Plus, it is easy to retrieve legal documents if they are stored properly. They also reduce the time spent on physically locating a document and turning pages to reach the precise section. Over and above this, digitization comes with added security layers, high-grade encryption tools that adhere to compliance standards. A good document management solution like ShareDocs Enterpriser never compromises when it comes to data protection.

Added Benefits

ShareDocs Enterpriser also comes with a built-in workflow management system that can be adapted to run the legal document review process online. Since document review, approval & storage happens on a common platform, it is a perfect mechanism to make sign-off on agreements & drafts pretty easy.

Relevant Features

ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with a variety of features based on the plan you’ve chosen. We cater to a bunch of different industries and are equipped to take care of the requirements of the legal sector. Here are a few features that make it perfect for legal documentation.

1.    Document Encryption
2.    Restricted access based on folder location & document type
3.    Indexed/structured search
4.    OCR/Full-text search
5.    Built-in Document Approval System

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