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Easy Document Upload
workflow automation and electronic workflows
Document Sets, virtual folders
Secure Document storage
organized documents
tasks automation
stringent access
easy search
document security
Easy Sharing
access control
Easy Download
reports and dashoards
API Integration
additional customization

ShareDocs Enterpriser is capable of integrating with other business applications for pushing and pulling of data and documents.

1.  API Integration

ShareDocs Enterpriser can share REST APIs with business applications to fetch and post data as well as to display documents. The API integration can help to upload, search and view documents on different business applications – thus extending the DMS’ reach to non-DMS users within an organisation. Master data from other business applications is also pulled through APIs due to which there is a standardization of data entry and it becomes easy for business users to search and retrieve documents.

ShareDocs Enterpriser has had successful integrations with SAP, SuccessFactor, Okta and FINNONE, to name a few.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise-level organizations that need to bring less users onboard the DMS but want all employees to access company documentation. Organizations where the DMS only functions as a central repository of documents and operations are conducted over business applications. Users of the business applications like LOS get access to documents stored on the DMS through API integration.

2.  SFTP Integration

ShareDocs Enterpriser is capable of SFTP integration for pulling documents and data. Legacy documents can be stored on an SFTP server along with their data entry. The DMS can run schedulers to pull the documents and data on an ongoing basis, thus reducing the manual effort of document upload.

SFTP integration is also useful to pull data from SAP program for seamless invoice processing in the workflow module.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organizations that have a huge volume of legacy as well as ongoing documents that are scanned on a different location and uploaded on an SFTP server. This helps to separate the scanning activity and the DMS activities, also ensuring the scanning team never gets access to the DMS.

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