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HR DMS - Employee Onboarding Tool

The Onboarding tool offers customizable features that help HR departments

1. Automate pre-joining formalities,

2. Review documents

3. Manage easy archival

Thus swiftly move a major part of the employee induction activities online

This tool helps to keep the candidates engaged during the period between offer acceptance & date of joining. This helps talent acquisition manager’s gauge candidate interest levels.

Our Onboarding tool can also be integrated with ShareDocs Enterpriser DMS, giving organizations the best of both solutions.

How HR DMS works ?

Onboarding Tool process
HRDMS Customizable onboarding forms

Customizable Onboarding Forms

HR department can create an onboarding form as per employee type and location. Mostly useful to segregate data required from fresher v/s experienced candidates across different locations.

Role Based Permissions

The different roles within the HR department can be configured in the system which allow for bifurcation in levels of data access across business units, locations, functions and more. We ensure the right people access the right data.

HRDMS offers role based access
HRDMS offers Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service 

Once the candidates join, they get to view their profiles, approved documents and letters added by the HR through a self-service portal. This saves HR team’s time in handling requests for letters and payslips.

Reminders and Notifications

All the outgoing emails to candidates and HRs are editable and can be enabled based on organization workflows

HRDMS aloows to set reminders and notifications

Integrate with existing solutions seamlessly & effortlessly

The Onboarding tool offers seamless integration through secure file transfer protocol for:

Existing HRMS solutions

Storage Servers

Document Management Solutions


This helps maintain uniform data on all solutions without manual intervention by the HR team.

HRDMS can be Integrated with HRIS or DMS
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