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Document Management for HR Departments

Human Resources

Document Management for HR Departments

If there is one department in an organisation that sees the biggest influx of documents, then it has to be the Human Resources department! No matter how big or small the volume of employee intake may be, the piles of documents never see a dip. 

Difficulties in handling HR Documentation

For each employee that gets on-boarded, there is at least 50 pages of documentation that happens. While some of these documents are created within the recruiting organisation, a major chunk of employee documentation comes from the employee/candidate. Add to this, the mode of document submission! While some candidates offer each and every document in its physical form, there are some others who choose the trendier way – sending documents via email.


An HR personnel then has to collate all of these documents in one place and keep a track of all the documents collected. To add to this, there are several documents that get created as part of the employee’s association in the organisation. HR executives spend most amount of time looking for these documents. Retrieving a single document may not be as difficult. What about retrieving multiple documents that are linked to one employee record/employee code?

Solution to HR Documentation

ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with a feature called ‘Document Sets’ that works like a blessing for HR executives. This feature helps to automatically link multiple documents to one record while also providing master information about every employee at one glance. Thus, whenever an HR executive goes to retrieve data of a particular employee, ShareDocs Enterpriser displays master information about the record (including important details like name, designation, location & contact details of an employee). The DMS also displays a list of all documents that have been provided by the employee. Apart from this, ‘Document Sets’ also shows a report of missing documents – all those documents that have NOT been submitted by the employee but MUST be provided as part of compliance.

Added Benefits

Document access continues to work on folder and metadata-level. As a result, HR executive belonging to different functions are only able to view documents that they need to work with. Similar is the case with location-based access to employee data. Thus, an HR executive from New Delhi is provided access only to documents of employees that belong to New Delhi while a senior HR manager gets access to multiple locations.

Relevant Features

ShareDocs Enterpriser comprises several features that are ideal for the HR function. Enlisted here are a few features and functionalities that make ShareDocs Enterpriser ideal for HR-related documentation.

1.    Document Sets
2.    Report of Missing Documents
3.    Restricted Access at Folder & Metadata level
4.    OCR/Full-text Search
5.    Indexed/Structured Search

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