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Document Management for Finance Industry

Document Management for Finance Industry

The finance & banking industry is the place where all the money resides. But the moolah isn’t always in the form of cash & transactions. Most times, it is hiding inside the pile of documents that make a transaction complete and valid. This large volume of paper documents is the biggest pain area for physical document management, retrieval and archival.

Finance-related Document Management Woes

Banks, non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs), asset reconstruction companies (ARCs), credit societies, micro-financial firms, and other financial institutions are growing by size and volume. As the number of accounts that they handle increases and their customer base expands, the volume of documentation also soars. Handling these documents, categorizing them, stacking them and retrieving them as and when required is a big task. Add to that, government mandates, companies and documentation guidelines that need to be followed day in day out. Keeping a track of financial data, of missing documents and keeping the index of non-compliance under check only adds to the woes.

Solution for Finance-related Document Management

ShareDocs Enterpriser is adept at eliminating these issues by way of smart document management. It is capable of integrating with scanning solutions that can help to make end-to-end document management an easy job. While the scanning solution could help with scanning, categorizing and uploading documents onto the DMS, ShareDocs Enterpriser can take it ahead from there. ShareDocs Enterpriser can automate the process of data entry and thus help in quicker retrieval of documents. Since it is a document repository, archival of documents and document lifecycle management can also be attended to with the help of ShareDocs Enterpriser. 

Added Benefits

The ‘Document Sets’ feature in ShareDocs Enterpriser can help to sync the master data of accounts with the relevant documents. It can also help to map documents submitted by customers with the list of documents mandated by governing bodies. With this capability, ShareDocs Enterpriser can help to identify missing documents and ease the process of report generation.

Relevant Features

ShareDocs Enterpriser comprises several features that are ideal for the Finances sector. Enlisted here are a few features and functionalities that make ShareDocs Enterpriser ideal for Finance-related documentation.


1.    Integration with Scanning Solutions
2.    Automated Data Entry
3.    Document Sets
4.    Report of Missing Documents
5.    OCR/Full-text Search

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