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Easy Document Upload
workflow automation and electronic workflows
Document Sets, virtual folders
Secure Document storage
organize your documents
tasks automation
stringent access
easy search
document security
share documents easily
access control
Download documents easily
reports and dashoards
API Integration
additional customization

Explore All Features of ShareDocs Enterpriser

ShareDocs Enterpriser is an enterprise document management software solution that doubles up as an electronic workflow solution. The web-based document management system aims to streamline business process management with features like approval hierarchy, central repository, restricted folder access, document indexing and full text search.


Keeping process automation in mind, ShareDocs Enterpriser offers API Integration to interface with multiple business applications like SAP, SuccessFactor, Navision and Okta, to name a few. This secure browser-based document management system developed in India is capable of SFTP integration for migration of legacy documents.


ShareDocs Enterpriser's workflow requisition management tool allows to share documents between internal and external parties for collaboration. Equipped with annotations and value-based approvals, the system works best for invoice approvals and contracts alike. This easy-to-customize online dms comes with graphical flowcharts and multi-level approval for multiple departments, units and locations. The enterprise document management system is currently capable of handling 1 million+ documents and 400+ workflows per deployment!


ShareDocs Enterpriser also auto-links multiple documents to a unique record for digital stapling while also providing a report on the missing documents. Bulk upload, version control, audit trail, reports & notifications, universal viewer are some other features available in this smart document management software solution.

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