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Where do documents get saved?

All the documents, which are uploaded to DMS, are stored in a central repository on a server. Nothing is stored on your local system.


What is Metadata?

Metadata in DMS is a set of additional document properties which gets stored with document. It helps you to search and retrieve your document quickly.


Can DMS search inside a document?

Yes. When uploading the document, the system runs the OCR tool in the background. During retrieval of documents, the DMS searches in the content of document.


What is version control in DMS?

Version control is a system where in the latest version of any file uploaded is selected as default. The DMS also stores the original/earlier versions for future reference.


What type of documents can I upload in DMS?

You can upload almost all types of standard documents like MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, PDF files, JPEG files, and video files. ShareDocs Enterpriser’s built-in Universal File Viewer enables you to view almost any type of file in a browser, without any additional installation.


How can I make my office paperless with ShareDocs Enterpriser?

Scan your existing document, upload them to ShareDocs Enterpriser in categorized and indexed format. Start using ShareDocs Enterpriser's functionalities for internal approvals, workflow management and file sharing.


Does it support multiple locations?

Yes. If your locations are on intranet or accessible through VPN, all your files are accessible from any of your location.


What security does ShareDocs Enterpriser offer?

File access rights are controlled as per the role defined in the DMS. Every document which is being uploaded to DMS gets encrypted and cannot be viewed outside of DMS unless the user has a right to download the same in the native format.


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