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Have questions about ShareDocs Enterpriser?

We're more than happy to answer your queries regarding document management solutions.

  • Where do documents get saved?
    All documents uploaded on the DMS are stored either on a local server or a cloud server, depending on the type of implementation.
  • What is Metadata?
    Metadata in DMS refers to document categorization and indexing. Categorization helps to retrieve documents by their type while indexing helps to retrieve documents by data entry.
  • How does ShareDocs Enterpriser perform a full text search?
    ShareDocs Enterpriser has been integrated with Elasticsearch that helps the DMS to read , and index the content of document, irrespective of the format of the content (text as well as images)
  • What type of documents can I upload in DMS?
    ShareDocs Enterpriser is compatible with 22+ file formats including MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, PDF files, and JPEG files. It has a built-in Universal File Viewer that enables you to view a document in the browser, without installing any proprietary software.
  • What security does ShareDocs Enterpriser offer?
    Every document uploaded onto the DMS gets encrypted and can be decrypted only when accessed by authorized users. Access can also be restricted at the folder level and based on metadata.
  • What is Document Set in ShareDocs Enterpriser?
    Document Set is a virtual folder. Document Set is also a digital record or entry to which multiple other documents can be linked manually or automatically. Imagine employee files or loan files. You can link multiple documents of one employee to single record. This functionality can be used for projects, loan documents, legal cases and many more.
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