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Easy Document Upload
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Easy Document Upload

There are multiple ways to upload documents onto ShareDocs Enterpriser. You can simply upload one document at a time or bulk upload documents in a jiffy. If documents have been stored on an FTP or SFTP server, you may connect them to the DMS and automate the bulk upload process.

1. Bulk Upload

Before you get started on the DMS, there is a huge bulk of documents that need to be uploaded first to facilitate retrieval for the teams. ShareDocs Enterpriser allows the DMS administrator to bulk upload documents of the same category or otherwise. Although the administrator does have access to folders, they may upload documents in all the folders.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that need to shift to a paperless atmosphere where documents have to be scanned and uploaded in bulk.

2. SFTP/FTP Upload

ShareDocs Enterpriser is capable of pulling documents from an SFTP/FTP location. This is helpful for organisations that have a high volume of legacy documents stored on a file server location. All you need to do is set the credentials in the DMS and the sync the documents. The application takes care of the migration activity.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that have a huge chunk of legacy documents that need to be migrated to a DMS.

3. Simple Document Upload

This feature allows users to upload individual documents at a time, on an ongoing basis. User simply selects the folder path and uploads the document in the desired location. Ideal for organisations where a smaller volume of documents get generated each day by individual contributors, the feature helps to bring all official documents on a common platform.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that require its users to upload documents on an ongoing basis.


4. Drag & Drop Documents

When users have too many documents to upload in one go, they may simply drag and drop documents in the DMS folders. ShareDocs Enterpriser allows administrator to set restrictions on the folder where users can upload their documents. This way, they get restricted access yet the ease of picking documents and dropping them in the correct folders.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisation where users have to upload multiple documents together in one go.

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