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Easy and Robust Document Search

With ShareDocs Enterpriser, it is super easy to search for documents. You may run a basic search with the name of the document or its data entry. You can also build a query in real-time and get a filtered search result. Access restrictions overrule search queries. Thus, users get only those documents to view and action on to which they have been given access to. Additionally, there’s a lot more users can do with the search menu.

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1.  Basic Search

ShareDocs Enterpriser users can search document based on the filename or the data entry saved against a document. Thus, users could search their documents by the name or the attributes that they have stored it with.

HOW DOES IT HELP: Allows users to search a document by the name of a vendor or the document’s name.

2.  Query Builder for Search

When a user is expecting a finer search result, they may make use of the advanced search section. Users can select the category of the documents or metadata and filter the results based on multiple indexing parameters. For example, when they are looking up purchase invoices for a certain quarter and a certain vendor. They may simply build a query in the search menu and the system will respond with a list of all those documents that are relevant to the query. The user may then click on any of these and view or action on the document.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise users who have to search for documents filtered by multiple criteria.

3.  Full Text Search

ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with a built-in OCR tool, ElasticSearch that reads and stores the entire text of documents in the database. This helps users to search for documents based on their content. Thus, even if a user is unable to recall the name of the documents, its category or data entry but remembers a specific word in the document, they may search and retrieve the document.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise users who need to search documents based on the content.

4.  Download Bulk Search Result

When a user opts for the query based search, the system responds with multiple documents. ShareDocs Enterpriser allows its users to download the entire search result, all the documents that showed up in the result, in a zip format. The zip file contains the documents and a CSV that carries information against each document or its data entry information.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterpriser users from the finance domain who need to download multiple invoices.

5.  Share Bulk Search Result over Time-Bound Encrypted Link

Apart from allowing users to download search result, ShareDocs Enterpriser allows users to also share the documents with external parties over a time-bound encrypted link. The end recipient can only view the documents in a browser and access the link until the date and time defined by the DMS user. This helps business teams share documents with third party consultants and auditors.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterpriser users who need to share documents with auditors and external parties frequently.

6.  Save Search Query

When a search query is required often times, users can also save the query in the DMS. This saves the users’ time in building the query again and again as also provides them with an updated search result every time they click on ‘Saved Searches’.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterpriser users from the finance domain who may require to search similar documents regularly.

7.  Customized Reports from Search Results

The search query builder can also be utilized to generate customized reports and exported to a spreadsheet. For example, if a user wants to create a report of all the purchase invoices raised in a particular financial year, they may simply build a query with the category “Purchase Invoice” and define the period of the invoice date. The system responds with the data in a columnar format. Users can export and download this report in a CSV file.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterpriser users who need to generate custom reports from the system on a regular basis.

8.  Graphical Representation of Search Results

ShareDocs Enterpriser also displays the search result in a graphical manner. When users want to simply have an overview of documents or any information based on the documents uploaded, the DMS displays bar graphs on the basis of months and years.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR teams to see an overview of employees on-boarded in a particular quarter basis their joining date captured in the appointment letter.

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