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Secure Document Storage

ShareDocs Enterpriser provides a secure storage set up for the document repository. It is open to have a local file server as its repository as well as cloud storage.

1.  Local Storage

For organisations that have a dedicated IT infrastructure team and are intent on deploying the DMS on their premises, ShareDocs Enterpriser is open to an in-premise installation. All you need to have is a dedicated server with a minimum of 16 GB storage space. Documents that are uploaded on the DMS are stored in the storage server in an encrypted format. Thus, even if someone gets physical access to the server, they would not be able to access the documents as they can be decrypted through an authorized user logged into the DMS. This helps the internal IT team to have better control over the DMS and related activities.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that have a dedicated IT infrastructure team and wish to host their DMS on their premises for the purpose of data security.

2.  AWS S3 bucket

ShareDocs Enterpriser is also compatible with cloud storage. We are partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our cloud services. When the DMS is deployed on cloud, documents are stored in the AWS S3 bucket. With that in place, you can expect dual encryption as the S3 bucket also encrypts the storage, apart from the DMS encrypting each document. This helps organisations get all the benefits of the DMS while outsourcing the cloud server management activity to the ShareDocs Support team.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that want cloud security or want to go on a SaaS model. Also works for organisations that first wish to try hands on a subscription model and then migrate to their in-premise server.

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