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Easy to share Documents

ShareDocs Enterpriser makes it easy to share documents with internal as well as external stakeholders. If the recipient is another DMS user, they may select their name from the dropdown list. In case of external party, users may insert the email ID of the recipient. After this, the DMS sends the documents from the repository directly to the recipient. This saves users’ time on downloading a document, attaching it to the email drafted and then sending it from an email application. Users can share documents over mail, either as an attachment or an encrypted link.

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1. Sharing a Single Document as an Attachment

Users can share one document at a time either with another DMS user or with an external party as an attachment. When this option is selected, the recipient gets to download the document and store it on their local system.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise users who cannot share documents above a certain permissible size over official mail.


2. Sharing a Single Document over Link

When sharing with an external stakeholder, if documents are shared as downloadable attachments, there is a high risk of document misuse. To retain its security standards, ShareDocs Enterpriser allows its users to share documents over an encrypted link whose expiry can be set by the user sending the document. This gives users the flexibility to set the date and time until which the link should be active. During the active period, recipients can only view the document in the browser. Upon expiry, the link becomes inactive and access to the document is discontinued.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise users who need to share a certain document with an external auditor.

3. Sharing Multiple Documents over Link

In case of audits or any other business scenarios, more than one document is required for review. In such instances, users can search for the required set of documents and share a link to these documents with any internal or external stakeholder.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Enterprise users who need to share multiple audit-related documents with an external auditor.

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