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Document Sets or Virtual Folders

ShareDocs Enterpriser comes with a utility called ‘Document Sets’ that helps to auto-link multiple inter-related documents to one record. This feature helps business groups that require documents to be found together and collated for compliance purposes – like an Employee or Loan Master.

1.  Auto-linking of Documents

The administrator can configure the document set by defining its data entry fields, the master field that must be considered for auto-linking and the metadata (categories) that must be linked to it. Once the configuration is complete, the system starts auto-linking documents basis the master field selected and the metadata defined.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments for the employee documentation and financial institutions for their loan master.

2.  Missing Documents’ Report

The documents/categories that cannot be found by the system are documented in the missing documents’ report. This gives an overview to business teams about the documents that need to be attached to the virtual folder. It also gives an intimation to users to upload the necessary documents.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: HR departments for the employee documentation and financial institutions for their loan master to identify defaulters.

3.  Import Records

Document Sets allows administrator to import records in bulk, employee data for example. Records can be exported from the existing HRMS (for employee master) or LOS (for loan master) and then uploaded/imported in the DMS. As documents start getting uploaded and their data entry updated, the system starts syncing these documents with their master record.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that have master data stored in different business applications.

4.  Auto-indexing of Documents

Since master data can be imported into the solution via Document Sets, it can also be utilized to auto-index documents basis the master information. The administrator simply defines the document set/master from where the data entry must be pulled. The unique field, like employee code or loan ID, serve as the unique identifier for the system to match the document and the data. Once this is set up, the rest of the data entry/indexing fields can also be mapped. The system then starts syncing the data entry from the master into the documents and then links them again to the master – thus completing a full circle.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations where the indexing/data entry is common for multiple metadata and the document volume is high.

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