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Controlled Document Access

ShareDocs Enterpriser offers controlled access at the document and folder level. Thus, multiple departments of an organisation may get on-boarded on the DMS yet never get to see each other’s documents. Access rights can be defined at a group as well as individual user level, helping some users access all folders and document types while restricting others’ right to access information.

1.  Folder-level access

In ShareDocs Enterpriser, access to a document depends upon the folder location and whether or not the administrator has given a user/group access to that folder location. The extent of access is also defined at the folder level. Thus, the administrator can define if a user/group should get to view, download, delete, move or share a document.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that wish to give multiple users access to the same folder yet control the access level.

2. Category-level access

ShareDocs Enterpriser lets a user view a document based on the document category. The administrator defines which user group would get access to what category of documents. This way, users get to see only those documents that are relevant to their domain. Thus, even if all documents are stored in one folder and users from multiple departments have access to the same folder, individual users get to see only those documents that are relevant to them.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that wish to provide restricted access to certain documents.

3. Universal File Viewer

ShareDocs Enterpriser is enabled with a universal file viewer which helps users view around 20+ file formats in the viewer. This allows users to view all of their official documents on a common portal. ShareDocs Enterpriser does not allow for online editing of documents, thus, maintaining the sanctity of original documents. In case a document has to be updated, users have to either update version of the document or delete the existing one and upload the updated document.

WHOM DOES IT HELP: Organisations that have documents in varied file types and want users to view all documents on a common platform.

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