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ShareDocs Data Extraction Tool

ShareDocs DET is a cloud-based plug & play service to help you boost your organization’s digitalization process, by extracting relevant data from your scanned documents or forms.

It’s powerful engine supports bulk processing, reducing the load on manual data entry. It’s agile structure makes it highly integrable with ERP, CMS and DMS solutions.  

3 most important customizable features that help scanning teams

Configure Fields for Data Extraction
Automate Document source for data extraction
Automate document
review and approve extracted data
Review & Approve extracted data
  • Cut down 75% of cost and efforts on time spent for data entry post document scanning by automating the manual data entry process. Increase the efficiency of document search.

  • Automate Document renaming to maintain data sanity

  • Integrate extracted data and seamlessly move renamed files to DMS  or any other tool for further processing

How it works ?

Complete Data Extraction Process in DET

Salient Features that make the solution dynamic, responsive & smart

Create templates for data extraction

Create Unlimited Templates: No restrictions on the number of templates created. This helps organizations process a host of forms and documents, just set it once and keep hitting process everytime a new batch of docs are scanned

Pay As You Go: No need to pay AMC, or subscribe to plans. You will only be charged for actual data extracted

Pay as you go save cost
Web based solution

On-Cloud Solution: This plug & play tool is easy to setup and configure. Owing to it’s cloud hosting, there are no additional license or server costs involved.

Easy Integration: The data from this tool can be easily integrated with DMS Online, ERP, CRM, Electronic workflows or any other solution for further processing.  

Integration with different other solutions
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