ShareDocs Enterpriser Wins the Coveted Rising Star Award 2018 for Document Management Software from FinancesOnline Reviews!


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2018 kicked off as a year of recognition and appreciation. However, the icing on the cake is the ‘Rising Star Award’ that ShareDocs Enterpriser received from FinancesOnline – a trustworthy software directory that guides business, big and small, to choose the best software for their requirements. Earlier this month, the team at FinancesOnline approached us to evaluate our document management solution and pitch it against world-class online document management software that most businesses swear by.

Their team of industry experts studied the product in detail and noted observations in their ShareDocs Enterpriser overview the software’s viability and application in today’s market. This is what the review says in a nutshell, “ShareDocs Enterprises promises smooth and hassle-free set-up and implementation and boasts of full data security. Its data protection measures include the use of HTTPS protocol, document auto-encryption, and authenticated user logins using active directory among others. Its customizable architecture enables users to tailor solutions that fit their specific needs and requirements, resulting in faster and more precise workflows and records management.”

On a scoreboard of 10, ShareDocs Enterpriser secured a rating of 8.0! That’s not all. It now stands at position #75 in this analysis by Moreover, we were ranked among the top 15 document management software – a list curated and created by the team of geeks at FinancesOnline. If this isn’t enough there’s more! ShareDocs Enterpriser has also won the “Great User Experience 2018 Award” for the ease with which users are able to navigate through the application. The simple interface, the customized dashboards, and the seamless integration with existing software applications impressed the reviewers at FinancesOnline.

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