Sharedocs Enterpriser Takes the Next Step towards Automation

Artificial Intelligence

In December last week, ShareDocs Enterpriser unfurled its latest feature that is built upon the Artificial Intelligence principle. Just as AI revolves around perceiving its environment and taking intelligent decisions to maximize the chances of success at some goal, the intelligence of ShareDocs Enterpriser’s search functionality has been taken a notch up. This new feature is called ‘Auto-linking of Documents’. The feature automatically links all documents with similar data entry to each other.

Until this update was released, ShareDocs Enterpriser users had to manually link documents to each other and create document sets. Manual linking of documents has been retained as a feature so that users’ engagement in document management remains intact. However, the auto-linking feature aims to ease the search criteria for multiple documents. With the on-boarding of this functionality, users will be able to view all the documents related to the document’s data entry!

This will immensely help users who have to collate data, create reports, or take decisions based on the reports created. For instance, in order to give clearance certificate/clearance approval to an employee who is serving his/her notice period, it will be very convenient for all department heads to find all documents related to that employee in one place. These documents will include all the documents created for the employee before joining and during his/her tenure. These documents could include the job application form, pre-joining medical reports, resume, undertaking forms, previous experience letters, provident fund form, social security form, visa application form, foreign travel settlement form, undertaking signed with the facility management, and all other approval/clearance forms. All department heads can find all these documents in one place and conclude if the employee has no pending issues with the organization and then sign on the clearance form (which will again be scanned and uploaded on the DMS for later reference).

 This functionality will surely reduce the man-hours that are spent on locating files and putting them to use. Not just that, it can also reduce the time spent on taking decisions or signing off reports and help to put the saved time to better use. After all, time saved is time earned!

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