Digitization is the need of the day.

“Critical information is locked away in physical documents and retrieving such documents from piles of other documents can be time-consuming, stressful and unpredictable”

This is where digitization of documents comes as the much-needed relief! Are you wondering how you could get truckload of your documents scanned and uploaded on ShareDocs Enterpriser? We’ve got the keys!

We offer digitization of documents as a service, which includes scanning of documents, document categorization, data entry services, indexing,
de-duplication of documents and archival.
We have collaborated with the industry’s best record management company to help you scan physical documents and upload them on ShareDocs Enterpriser.

“You can choose if you want the scanning and indexing to be performed at your office premises or you may want us to take care of the end to process at our sites.”

Once that is finalized, we shall first scan all your existing documents, categorize them and perform indexing. Indexing refers to entering data in the correct fields in order to procure documents when needed with our hassle-free search methods. Once indexing is complete, we perform a quality check to ensure there is no duplication of documents and discard duplicated documents if any.The quality check also helps us ensure that we live up to your expectations and track loopholes in the process, if any. We end the process by uploading all the indexed documents on the DMS and store them in the designated folders. Documents that need to be archived are stored in separate folders.

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