Scaling Through Automation

As part of our efforts towards automation and accuracy, we are proud to share the next development, better worded as ‘functionality’, of ShareDocs Enterpriser. We have moulded the solution further to ensure lesser human intervention by facilitating document uploads without metadata!

As part of this functionality, ‘DMS Admin’ can define the nomenclature for a category or metadata of documents. Then, irrespective of the document type, the DMS will automatically assign the metadata to the respective documents and upload them in the correct folder or sub-folder.

Let’s take an example to understand this process.

Example: Let’s say, a user has to upload 500 documents, which include sales bills, purchase invoices, tax invoices, and the likes.

Current Process: A user has to:

  1. segregate the documents;
  2. put them together as per their category or metadata;
  3. scan the documents;
  4. go to the folder/sub-folder where the user has to upload the documents;
  5. manually select the relevant metadata;
  6. upload the documents in the DMS.

New Process: The administrator has to define the specific words/letters which are used to identify and categorize different document types.

When the user has to scan and upload multiple types of documents, the user has to:

  1. scan all the documents at one go;
  2. select the ‘upload without metadata’ option.

Depending upon the nomenclature, the DMS will then automatically:

  1. assign the metadata;
  2. upload the documents at the location that has been defined for each document type.

If the administrator has not defined the location of the documents of a particular metadata, the DMS will upload the documents in the local folder/the folder or sub-folder which is used by the user at that point in time.

Let’s break this down to further understand this process. Say, all sales bills have the word ‘sales’ and all purchase bills have the word ‘purchase’ in the document. The DMS will capture this information and use it as a metadata to scan and upload the document in the correct folder. This means, all ‘sales’ bills will be stored in the folder maintained for ‘Sales Bills’ while all the ‘purchase’ bills will be stored in the folder maintained for ‘Purchase Bills’.